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Is Nifty heading lower ???

Case why we may see Nifty drifting lower to test Feb-2015 lows. Nifty may have formed expanded flat and high likely chances of Nifty heading down in Wave C

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Fractals | Nifty Case Study

Analysis of fractals on Nifty price chart, how pattern keep repeating on various time frame

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Lighthouse at Morningstar Investment Conference

Live blogging from Morningstar Investment Conference Mumbai 2014

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Seen-Techs | Technical Analysis Casestudy

Technical Analysis Case study of Sintex Industries, how to use breakout bar in conjunction with volume to time better entry.

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NIFTY | Wave 4

NIfty | Likely completion of wave 4 and heading higher in wave 5 | Trading using Elliott Wave Theory

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Update | How to Trade Running Triangle

Update | Trading Running Triangle | ASIANPAINT

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